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Exeter’s Only Revo Authorised Tuning Centre.

Who are Revo?

Revo are a British company who have developed some of the finest tuning software available for VW group, Porsche and Ford vehicles.

Revo also offer some unique features that may interst you: Switchable performance (SPS)*, Anti-Theft program* and Performance Packages.

Most Revo software is programmed through your cars diagnostic port. this allows us to reprogram your vehicle without lifting the bonnet, and it can be downloaded to your factory ECU in as little as 45 minutes! A health check is carried out prior to tuning your car to ensure tuning is safe and will make the best driving experience possible.

We always recommend High quality fuel to be used to make the best of your car. This is especially important with petrol engines and can make a large difference to expected power output.

Please email or call for a quote, or check the Revo website for more details.

Images courtesy of www.revotechnik.com